Piero Flor offers Psychosexual® Somatics Coaching, Resilience Coaching, Cuddle sessions and Cuddle Workshops in Dutch and English. Piero is also acquainted with French and Turkish. 

Please contact me through Whatsapp or the form below in case you are interested to work with me.

My baseline? Inspire people to experience empowered intimacy so we can rid this world of (societal) taboes, (inner) obstacles, violence and trauma.

My ideal? Dreaming of a world where self-care and self-realisation go side by side with love, equality and solidarity.

How I work? I hold a non-judgemental, body oriented, experiential and safe container for your personal growth and transformation.

My keywords? safety, trust, vulnerability, gratefulness, solidarity, sustainability, (self)care, consent, equality, (self)reflection, intersectionality and empowerment

Piero holds a very sensitive and permissive space to support others’ healing. He has particular sensitivity to issues of diversity and equality.  His passion for justice and fairness underlie his practice.

Louise Mazanti and Mike Lousada

Louise Mazanti and Mike Lousada

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