For my cuddle workshops I use fees from Cuddle Workshop International. For my coaching I charge slightly more expensive fees than the average therapist or coach. This creates added value for me that helps me to carry out my work sustainably and consistently. As a coach, I find it particularly important to generate sufficient resilience so that I can support you even better. I also offer a social rate for both my workshops and my coaching sessions. These places are limited and are intended for people who need it. My fees are applicable for citizens of developed countries. If you apply from a developing or underdeveloped country, contact me to agree on a specific fee that fits both of us.

My work is primarily intended for people who want to create added value for themselves and the world around them. Some invest in the construction of an ecological garden or the purchase of organic food. Through me you invest in your physical and mental well-being, which also makes you a stronger global citizen. You are better equipped to be a rock in the wake of the many societal challenges that are currently facing us.

5% percent of your contribution goes to sustainable projects and social movements at home and abroad.

Read more about it here!

Intake*: 110 € (1,5h) 

Coachingsession: 1h: 80 € – 1,5h: 110 €   

Social fee: 1h: 60 € – 1,5h: 80 €  

Discount: Book a package with a discount rate of 525 € (you save 45 €) or 975 € (you save 105 €). Only bookable after an intake.

  • The 525 € package includes: 3 sessions of 1.5 hours, 3 sessions of 1 hour. 
  • The 975 € package includes: 4 sessions of 1,5 hours, 8 sessions of 1 hour.

*Each treatment starts with an intake of 1.5 hours. An intake is mainly a one-way street where I ask questions and you will talk a lot. This is followed by a brief hypothesis from me about your situation and also a proposal for a treatment plan. An intake is therefore always valuable, whether we continue in the process together or not. You can take the hypothesis and treatment plan with you for the rest of your life and use this to approach various therapists or other welfare workers.

Intake*: 80 € (1h)

Resilience coaching: 1 h: 80 € – 1.5 h: 110 €

Social rate: 1 h: 60 € – 1.5 h: 80 €

Discount: Book a package with a discount rate of 415 € (you save 45 €)

The 415 €  package includes: 2 sessions of 1.5 hours, 3 sessions of 1 hour. Only bookable after an intake.

*Each program starts with an intake of 1 hour. An intake is an interactive process in which we playfully and creatively search for what is currently alive in you. With this information I make a summary of your story and I make a proposal for several consecutive sessions. An intake is therefore always a valuable synthesis for yourself.

Introduction*: 30 € (30 min)

Cuddle sessions: 1h: 80 €, 1.5h: 100 €, 2h: 120 €

Social rate: 1h: 60 €, 1.5h: 80 €, 2h: 100 €

*The first cuddle session is always preceded by an introduction that may or may not take place online. This encounter is important for each of us to feel safe enough with each other. This introduction also applies to making clear agreements. I also check in with your personal resilience and mental health. A cuddle session is neither a therapy nor a coaching session. The main purpose of a cuddle session is to fulfill your need for touch and affection.

Intake*: included in the price

Massage*: 1.5 h: 60 € – 2 h: 80 €

Social rate*: 1.5 h: 40 € – 2 h: 60 €

*You can choose between a massage of 1 and 1.5 hours. I always provide an extra half hour for intake before and tea afterwards. So if you book 1.5 hours you will receive a 1 hour massage. If you book for 2 hours, you will receive a 1.5 hour massage.

These rates can differ according to the workshops length, booking time or specialty. Always check the event description for the correct rates.

  • Normal rate: 30 €
  • Social* rate 15 €
  • Solidarity* rate: 40 €
  • Bring someone with you*** rate: 50 €

* There is a limited amount of spaces available on the social rate!

** With the solidarity rate you support people with a limited budget.

*** If you come with 2 you will get a 10 € discount together!

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